SMP For Scarring

SMP For Scarring

Scalp Micro Pigmentation For Scarring

SMP For Scarring

Covers FUT + FUE scarring

Anyone who has attempted hair transplantation understands scalp scarring.  Scarring, though, happens a lot on the head following injury or surgery. It does not heal or soften as well as it might on other parts of the body.  As the scalp skin is already dense and thick, protecting the body’s most vital organ, when it is injured, scarring is nearly always the consequence.  Scarring, while unsightly to some, is your body’s way of protecting itself.  When the scalp is scarred, the tissue to frequently too fibrous to permit hair growth.  The injury itself often renders the hair shaft permanently dormant.

Scalp micropigmentation for scarring has a two-fold benefit.  Firstly, the visibility of the scalp is eliminated with the application of tattooed follicles on and around the treatment area.  It is not necessary always for the client to cut or shave their head since the tattooed colour density beneath works so well to disguise the scar.  However, for clients with full head hair loss, the treatment still works very effectively to eliminate the visibility of scars.

Secondly, as discovered in the past couple of decades, it has been found that applying needles to tightly bound scar tissue can help release it by inducing a healthy healing cascade beneath the skin.  Therefore, not only is the scar disguised by scalp micropigmentation, the scar itself may diminish to a degree.

how can smp help?

Scar tissue is unique to work on and therefore requires a high level of expertise and knowledge of the skin.  It is critical that clients seek out advanced artists to address scalp scars.  That is what gives Sculltec the distinct advantage.  Our experience is comprehensive and encompasses the full scope of all considerations for effective and long-lasting treatment.

Skulltec ensures that the skin is respected by treating over 2 to 3 sessions, or as many is required to resolve the appearance of scarring.  Only top-quality pigments are used in colours that blend perfectly with the surrounding hair, if any.

We invite you to peruse our gallery to see first-hand what our artists have achieved for clients with scarring on the head.

How Can SMP Help Scarring?

Scar tissue is challenging and unpredictable to work on. Sometimes the color stays, whereas other clients with similar skin types may experience poor pigment retention after treatment. Unfortunately, poorly trained practitioners can make the problem worse by using pigments that are too dark, or cause significant pigment migration by going too deep, leaving the client in a worse position than when they started.

We are committed to service and standards. We use only industry-leading machines, the best needles and pigments and have received the best education available. We offer highly advanced knowledge of how color behaves in the skin, advanced paramedical tattooing techniques, and the finer complexities of head scar camouflage.

Our results are not only better than most clinics, we also understand why our results are better, and how to correct a treatment if the outcome isn’t immediately perfect. This depth of knowledge is crucial for effective long term scar camouflage.