After scalp micropigmentation, am I able to visit the beach?

Close up shot of scalp micropigmentation in Glasgow
We must wait until your scalp micropigmentation has fully healed before going to the beach. Many of you already know that the healing process takes place seven days following each treatment. It will therefore take seven days after the procedure to heal on the first visit, seven days to heal after the second appointment, and seven more days to heal after the third session.

We suggest that you guys refrain from hitting the beach for the whole three weeks to really allow the scalp micropigmentation to heal, though I realise it’s really hard for some people.

Your scalp micropigmentation has the best chance to stand out during the healing phase. But it still depends on how you manage it. If you don’t take care of it properly, there’s a possibility that it could fade, at which point you will either need to schedule further sessions or it won’t be dense or dark enough for your tastes.
There are quite a variety of possible things that could happen. A touch-up visit may be required even more regularly. Therefore, try to avoid the beach for 21 days if possible.


Keep Away From The Ocean After Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Since saltwater is one of the things that will surely cause your scalp micropigmentation to fade the fastest throughout the healing process, we want to avoid it as much as we can. The main factor causing SMP fading is sunlight. During the healing process, the second one will be salt water.
Therefore, if you visit the beach during those 3 weeks, just be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen to your scalp and avoid sun exposure. If possible, avoid entering the water. It is allowed to go on the water, but try to avoid fully submerging yourself. Just move up into your neck to protect the micropigmentation on your scalp.


Going To The Beach Will Lighten The Micropigmentation On Your Scalp.

When clients visit the studio and get scalp micropigmentation, I try to explain to them that it needs to be slightly lightened. What we simply do is take saline, which is essentially seawater or medical-grade saline. After that, we’ll proceed to extract some of that ink or pigment using our tattoo gun and scalp micropigmentation devices.
So if you went to the beach during the healing period, you would basically be doing the same thing—lightening the micropigmentation on your scalp.
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