The importance of following proper aftercare in the weeks after your treatment.

When preparing to have scalp micropigmentation treatment to combat balding or thinning hair, there is a lot of dedicated time and energy involved in the process. From researching whether the treatment is the right choice for you, to booking in the appointments to have the pigmentation sessions done, many feel a sense of relief and content once the process is complete. What many don’t realise, however, is the importance of sticking to a proper scalp micropigmentation aftercare routine. Today, we will be taking a look at why following proper aftercare following scalp micropigmentation is so important, while covering some rules and tips to follow to get the best results.


Scalp micropigmentation aftercare: Why is it so important?

Failing to follow the proper aftercare measures can have several consequences, some more serious than others. It can delay the time it takes for your scalp to heal, potentially causing you discomfort for longer periods of time than necessary. It can also lessen the quality of the final results, causing the ink to lose colour pigmentation and intensity more quickly than usual. In worst cases, it can even cause irritation and pain to your scalp, which can carry potential health issues. By sticking to a good aftercare regime, however, you can easily avoid these risks.


How long do I need to follow scalp pigmentation aftercare for?

We recommend following aftercare in several stages. The first stage refers to the days in the immediate aftermath of your treatment. The second stage encompasses the next two weeks after this initial period, followed by general steps you should follow after this fortnight period in order to obtain optimal results.


What do the steps involve?

For a clear breakdown of our suggested aftercare steps, take a look at our aftercare page on our website. This explains in detail what you should follow and when, in order to encourage a healthy healing process of your scalp micropigmentation treatment.

In general, however, for the first few days you should avoid touching your scalp, except where extremely necessary. You should also avoid exposing it to sunlight and chlorinated water, as well as washing it. Excessive exercise should be avoided, as this can cause sweating, which can irritate and delay the healing process. Moving forward, even after the first few days and weeks have been taken care of, you should still be using an SPF when in strong sunlight and should take care when washing and shaving your scalp. These can all help you to keep your new scalp pigment treatment looking its best. For a complete step by step of the aftercare process, as mentioned previously, refer to our aftercare page.


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