Can scalp micropigmentation be completely removed?

Close up shot of scalp micropigmentation in Glasgow

Can scalp micropigmentation be completely removed?

The answer is yes. Scalp micropigmentation can be eliminated, although a laser is essentially the only effective approach.


Scalp micropigmentation is basically a tattoo.

Despite being a relative of traditional tattoos, it is not permanent. It is not everlasting. You can typically expect your scalp micropigmentation to last 5 to 10 years with regular wear and tear, depending on weather, lifestyle, how you care for it, climate, and a variety of other factors.
The only way to get rid of it in those five to ten years is through laser tattoo removal. It typically requires a few appointments, but it is absolutely possible. The only real way to get rid of it totally is to do that. There are some ways to make it lighter now. In the event that you decide it’s too dark for you. Saline can be used by the majority of scalp micropigmentation specialists to somewhat lighten the pigment. Find out if your SMP practitioner provides that service by asking them.


Can I naturally lighten the micropigmentation on my scalp?

The things we urge you not to do if you undergo scalp micropigmentation are other options if you wanted to take the natural approach. The biggest factor affecting scalp micropigmentation is sunlight. One of the biggest mistakes you can make if you want to erase your scalp micropigmentation is to go outside in the sun without a cap or sunscreen. That is the best alternative if you don’t want to get it entirely removed.


Is SMP Removal Possible?

We frequently hear from clients that they are anxious when they come in for their initial visit. They want to be sure that if they decide to do anything, they can undo it if they change their minds, and we entirely understand this. That’s definitely possible, we always tell them. They could go ahead and have it removed with a laser if they so wanted. If you need more details have a look at our scalp micropigmentation Glasgow page.


We tattoo more, but we can never tattoo less.

So, once a customer enters Scalp Hub, we always let them know that it’s a process and that we’re going to work slowly. We have a saying around here that goes, “We can always tattoo more, but we can never tattoo less.”
The first appointment is therefore slow, the second appointment picks up, and the third appointment is when we get you where you want to be. We really want to progress gradually, so getting the three treatments is important to us. At that point, we require your opinion.
We’ll start out too slowly. At first, it will be extremely subdued. We’re hoping that when you return the following week, you’ll say, “David, I want it darker. It should be denser. Yes, we can do that.
However, if we were to just lay everything out on the first appointment and it turned out that you didn’t like it or that it was too dark or dense, you would say, “David, I don’t like this. Can you remove it? I can’t. Sorry. No, we can’t.


Find an SMP Expert That You Can Trust

It’s vital that you and the expert technician can communicate well and that you both agreed on your objectives and the final appearance of your scalp micropigmentation.
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